364 Day Title Reign Ends…

Article taken from LeagueofLions.vze.com:

The main event of It’s a Dirty World was Cory Summers against Dylan Smasher. Summers successfully defended the LOL Championship fifteen times and walked into this match against Dylan Smasher confident and prepared. Smasher; however, had the same confidence after the past two months he had rocketed up the card by winning the Tag-Team Championship with Mayhem Mafia and the 2017 Race to the Top Battle Royal.

Summers has battled and defeated a number of tough competitors; some even twice or thrice, but on the list of defeated contenders, Smasher was on there only once, and Summers’ win was by disqualification. This gave Smasher a reason to boast as he proudly wore a T-Shirt that read #364.

The action was fast and fierce as most matches of Cory Summers is and Smasher held up his end of the bargain as he fought back with a force of his own. Surprisingly, Chris Preston and Kane Matthew of the Mayhem Mafia held back and allowed Dylan Smasher to fight for the championship alone.

However, the two came to ringside when it seemed like Smasher had blown out his knee after evading Summers with a jump off the top rope. As he lay clutching at his knee, Preston and Matthew, alongside many officials came to Smasher’s aid. Head Official Chris Grimes kept Cory Summers away from Smasher as this was happening; however, in this confusing state of affair the bell had never been rung nor had the match been officially called off.

As Dylan Smasher was eased toward the curtain in between Preston and Matthew, he burst out from their grasp and attacked an unbeknownst Cory Summers. He slingshot him off the ropes and scored the huge Popup Powerbomb. The crowd gasped as Official Grimes began the count, but before his hand could hit the mat three times, Summers exploded out of the pinfall at two. The crowd erupted as their unbeaten champion was still alive.

Preston and Matthew were shocked. Smasher knew one more Popup Powerbomb would finish Summers off for good as he sent him off again. This time, Summers evaded it with a Hurricanrana followed by the Headlock Driver for the very close nearfall of his own. It wouldn’t be the Mayhem Mafia if they didn’t have something up their sleeves as Preston and Kane jumped up on opposite aprons.

Summers had a plan of his own as he sprung off the ropes and dropkicked Preston and then sent Matthew off. When Summers turned around, Smasher charged with a spear that stopped Summers dead in his tracks.

Smasher covered Summers and three unbelievable seconds later, after fifteen successful title defenses under Summers’ belt, after three hundred and sixty four days as the longest reigning champion, Dylan Smasher was the winner and new League of Lions Champion.