To book “Sensational” Cory Summers for your professional wrestling event, please send an email message to or comment down below.


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Cory,
    I’m contacting you as I’m a longtime fan of TEW and LOL. I really enjoy watching your matches that are available on youtube since your debut in wrestling a few years ago. You’re very talented, your high-flying style in the ring is just amazing!!
    It’s been a while though since i have seen a LOL match featuring you on youtube. The two last ones were your matches against Chaz Thomas in June and July 2014 ending up with you getting pinned (that was sad ahha hope you finally get a revenge). I live in France (a bit far from Texas aha!!) so unfortunately i cannot come to see you shows that are scheduled in your federation. Is there any way to watch more LOL matches and do you make dvds of your shows which can be sold on the internet?? That would be great!
    Hope to keep in touch. Take care.

    • Thanks for writing me. I apologize that I’m just now getting back to you. I just saw the comments section located on the site. There have been more matches added to YouTube against Sean Cordova, 8-Man Tag-Team Match, 6-Man Tag-Team Match. Hope you check them out and like them. I appreciate you commenting and hope you have a great day!

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