Quick Update

Things have been poppin’ in the squared circle since the last time I sent out an update here on the page. At the end of 2016, I won the Wrestler of the Year award and Rivalry of the Year award at League of Lions Wrestling. I am still the reigning and defending League of Lions Champion and have successfully defended it a total of fourteen times.

For the past few months I have been in a battle against Chaz Thomas, but that all came to an end at The Wrestling Classic IV when I defeated him in a Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match. This Saturday, I will be in tag action teaming with Hunter Dude Preston against Chaz Thomas and Kristopher Haiden.

This past weekend I wrestled in Palestine, Texas at American Wrestling Entertainment and fought Sean Cordova. He unfortunately had my Summetime well scouted. Let’s face it, it’s about time he knew to get the hell out of the way after I’ve done it to him so many times throughout the years. He may have won, but we’ll both be back in action at AWE on August 26th, so you never know what may happen then.


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